Adjusting. :)


I knew going into this move that there were going to be quite a few adjustments to be made. Firstly, being in a country where I don't speak the language (yet) is not the easiest thing in the world. But I'll get there. I can't drive a stick shift, let alone drive a stick shift in the snow. I'll get there too. There's also the fact that I'm no longer a stones throw from my parents, and can't just pop up for a coffee or a chat. I'm dealing with the emotions that come with that. Nighttime seems a bit harder for me — you know, things get quieter and thoughts get louder. I'm working on adjusting Odin to his new life, and trying my best not to ruin any of the amazing training I've done over the past year. To be honest, he's a total rockstar and I am so grateful I took the time to actually do all of that training, because this whole process would be so much harder. I'm learning to live in the country, to keep a wood oven burning, to cook in the tiniest kitchen ever, and to walk on snow (not that easy for me). 

But probably the biggest adjustment is learning to live with my husband full time, in a new home, that we own, in a country that is his territory. We have to problem solve and figure this whole thing out together without killing each other, and I've got to keep my emotions in check because my parents aren't around to do it for me. Letting go of being in control is the hardest thing anyone can ever ask me to do, and I'm pretty much forced to in this new chapter. Don't get me wrong, I think it's terribly important for our relationship that I lighten up a bit, so I'm glad I have to learn, but boy does it feel scary...

Still, after all the years of distance and all the stresses we've faced as a couple, I sort of feel like these issues are no big deal. I've got loads of faith in us and in our future, and I know that this move was the right choice. And the good news is there is a lot of good wine here when things get a little hard for me at night.

The photo above of us was taken when we went into our new house together. My mother-in-law made us eat spoonfuls of honey and then had Damir carry me into our home. Please excuse my too-tight pants and protruding love handle, but you know, it's winter and winter is delicious. ;)


I like these things...


Just a few images and words I'm digging lately on tumblr...


1. I really love the colors and textures in this photo. 
2. #hairgoals
3. A nice reminder that it's not all about perfect smooth skin, tanned legs, and pouty lips.
4. #relationshipgoals
5. Dream fireplace — but I'd like it to be narrower.
6. Backless and tulle... amazing.