En Route

I can never sleep on airplanes. No matter how hard I try, or how many little bottles of wine I drink. There's just something about sleeping in public that I can't do. So I'm left listening to Ed Sheeran music, because his lyrics do something to me, and finally visiting all my old favorite blogs to catching up on friends' awesome adventures and very cool successes. It's been several months that I've unplugged and I've loved it. I needed it, just to reset and relieve some of the anxiety associated with trying to live a happy life on all the different platforms out there. But I think I might be coming out the other side of my dark hole...tepidly and with very different priorities these days.

I packed my camera on this trip. And I'm going to use it. If I can remember how to. (I can I'm just being dramatic). 

Tentative plans include spending time in Slovenia with my husband and in-laws, which I'm told will include gardening, hiking Urslja Gora, picking wild blueberries, drinking beer, eating kebab from my favorite spot and sleeping a lot, then also possibly a trip to Bosnia to visit more in-laws. I haven't been in two years and I really feel the need to get over there and soak up some of that country that I love so much. 

I need this trip. If only you could know how much of a monster I have been lately to my family. I've even avoided my friends out of fear that I'll just unload all the things that are going on in my exhausting and absurd brain. I probably need more than this trip, but this will help. I'm always happier in Europe. 

Anyways, 2.5 hours left on this flight. We just flew over Iceland. Which makes me miss my little Icelandic sheepdog... of course. 


P.S. I just finished up a physiology class and now I am all too aware of what's going on in my body right now as far as blood pooling in the veins in my legs due to lack of action of my skeletal muscle pump. Oh gosh. How's this for a sleep-deprived, altitude-induced rambling mess of a post?

I'm back. :)




I've been working on taking pictures of things besides my dog (not really), and maybe even pulling out the real camera more (even though I immediately take a picture of my dog). Here is my feeble attempt from the last month or so, from my phone. And ok, two out of these five photos still include Odin, but that's something I think. I'm getting better. 

  1. My two partners in crime this summer. Even though he pees in the house still sometimes and she yells at me in her sleep, I love them both so much it's annoying. 
  2. Beauties. Damir's not here to eat all of these so I've taken to dumping all of my extra eggs on coworkers. We discuss things like the inherent antimicrobial properties and reference papers arguing that you don't actually need to refrigerate eggs. Nerds. I love it.
  3. Celebrated Father's day with a big meal on the porch. I had seconds and thirds of everything. 
  4. New hammock in the yard. Odin digs it. 
  5. Yep — can't complain. I do enjoy that view. Wondering how much longer I'll be looking at it for...

K. Good night.

Summer so far...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a plan for Summer 2014. I just thought I'd update you on how things are going, because it's good to be honest... even if it's indisputable proof that I suck lately. 

Plan for Summer 2014:

  • Get an A in physiology. 
    • working on it.
  • Work my ass off in lab - learn and contribute as much as I can.
    • working on it and loving it, maybe too much.
  • Train Odin. By the end of the summer I want to have a number of behaviors that are strong and well established. Looking forward to hikes with his trainer and her dogs in Marin. 
    • working on it - SUCH A CHALLENGE THOUGH. 
  • Get garden together... seriously. Plant tomato plants, beans, lettuce at least.
    • no chance. not this year. 
  • Focus in on chickens a bit - fix up a few things like possibly putting sand in their run as bedding, letting them free range more often, and mixing feed myself. 
    • I need to be better at this. been letting them free range more often which feels great. and maybe when Damir gets back I'll be able to tackle my other stuff. 
  • Find time to start running. Sign up for half marathon for motivation.
    • HAHAHAHA not even close. 
  • Wake up before or with the sun to increase productivity!
    • happening naturally out of necessity and from a barking pup who needs to pee.
  • Take more photos. I need to balance all the science with creativity. 
    • I haven't been good about this, but I want to try harder. 
  • On that note, start writing in my journal more. I really believe in this practice and I need to be better at it.
    • Same with his...really want to get better at this. Going to write tonight. Or maybe this counts. Does it?
  • and finally... visit my husband and my amazing in-laws in Slovenia. I haven't been there in 2 years and I am aching to get there this summer.
    • leaving July 26th!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Overall I'd give myself a C- for this summer. I can honestly say that I'm doing my best at this given time to manage everything and deal with weird little stresses that keep popping up. I'm utterly exhausted and definitely overwhelmed but that's life, and let's face it, everybody has their own unique series of struggles to face and that's totally normal. Maybe I can boost up that grade in the second half of the summer. I'll get back to you...


***Also adding to the list: get above photo that I took this past year printed on a large canvas.